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ECA / OBOW NYC Fitness Show coming soon!

March 22- 25, 2017 @ Marriott Marquis Hotel

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ECA World Fitness has been a programming leader and visionary in the fitness community for 25 years.

The ECA events set the trends, delivered creative and thoughtful programming to the fitness Industry and create a community of open, educated and skilled professionals.

ECA World Fitness Alliance features membership, online content, information,  E-News, workshops, training and events.

We offer a variety of partnership opportunities and consulting work both large and small. We are well known for our integrity and our business style to “under promise- over deliver”.

Our audience represents the influencers in fitness and wellness. They are diverse, mutli-cultural well -educated veteran professionals eager to learn and adapt to new offerings.

“I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 16years. I manage a club and am fortunate enough to make fitness my full time job. I have been going to all different conferences (including many ECA’s) since 1992. I just want to take the opportunity to tell you that this was the best conference experience I have ever had – bar none. Every detail; from the new Thursday night sessions, to the session selections on the back of the name tags, the notes on DVD, the kind and conscientious staff and volunteers and of course, the presenters- were amazing. It is so obvious that you listen to the evaluations and really try to be creative and accommodating. The variety of sessions reflects the trends in the industry but still stays true to the basics. You help make me a better instructor and that is so important to me. This entire week my students have approached me and made comments about what a great time I must have had because of my renewed energy. I could only agree. Today I had a student tell me that I seem like I’ve been inspired and this year I truly was- over and over again. Thank you for being on the cutting edge of our industry, thank you for taking the time and the energy to focus on our environment and last but not least thank you for the three day endorphin high!”
Melanie Melillo

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