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Recess and Results:

Recess and Results strives to touch the lives of children worldwide, leaving a lasting positive impact through entertaining and fun wellness activities in a safe and inspiring environment. Recess and Results teaches the importance of an active lifestyle and whole food based diet through recess (play), establishing healthy lifestyle patterns at an early age, leading to lifelong wellness and overall success.

Recess & Results brings children back to the era when “play” meant much more than sitting in front of a television or computer screen. Social skills are developed through interaction and cooperation with others; self-confidence is enhanced through the maintenance of healthy weight and ability to set and accomplish goals, and lifelong wellness patterns are created through the regular activity.

Sisters Elizabeth Mueller and Jessica Conroy founded Recess & Results to combat the childhood obesity epidemic that plagues our young generation. It brings old fashion “recess” back to our youth through energetic and charismatic instructors, establishing a pattern of physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices at an early age — RESULTS! For more on recess and results click on the link here:

SEVA Foundation in Berkley, CA

For 33 years, SEVA has served people around the worked to build healthy communities. Seva (pronounced say-va) means “service” in Sanskrit. Seva puts your gifts to work around the world in Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guatemala, Pakistan, Egypt, Eastern Africa and
the United States. You choose the gift and community.  The gifts have restored eyesight to over 3 million blind people, provided eye care services to over 500,00 people a year in the most isolated and vulnerable communities, and have partnered with hundreds of Native
American communities reaching over 3,000 Native people throughout the United States last year alone to create culturally appropriate, sustainable diabetes prevention and nutrition programs. You can order their “Gifts of Service” catalogue and purchase some of their gifts
for you and loved ones for Christmas or birthdays or holidays. A few examples of gifts from the catalogue include:

$25 -Eye care services for one woman. The gift helps a woman living in a poor rural area get eye care services she needs.

$50 – Restore sight to a blind person by providing the money for the 15-minute cataract surgery.

$50 – Seeds for Change – provides a Native American family with organic heirloom seeds and tools to grow healthy traditional crops such as corn, beans and squash.

$100 – Opportunities for Women and Girls – Your gift opens new doors for women and girls around the world who receive less access to health care and fewer economic opportunities.

$100 (or any amount) Kindness for Children – You support Seva’s work to save the sight of children around the world and provide Native American youth with new opportunities to celebrate their culture as they learn skills that builds a better future.

$150 – Train a Female Health Care Worker. This gift trains one female health care worker in the techniques needed to prevent blindness and ensures sustainable eye care is available for generations to come.

There are many other “gifts” in the catalogue. This is a great way to give back and show love around the holiday season or for someone’s birthday or special event.

1-800- 223-7382

Have you been eating genetically engineered food?

The truth is, when it comes to genetically engineered foods, there is no labeling requirement. These foods have been altered at the molecular level. They are appearing on supermarket shelves with increasing frequency – in fact, 94 percent of all U.S.-grown soybeans are genetically engineered!

Environmental Working Group has joined forces with more than 300 organizations to launch the Just Label It campaign and tell the federal Food and Drug Administration that Americans have the right to know when they’re eating genetically engineered food. Just Label It campaign put together a video to spread the word about genetically engineered foods.
Click here to sign our petition to the FDA and to watch a special video from the Just Label It campaign, Dining In The Dark.

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