Big Oil and The Wilderness Society

Whether it’s by land or by sea, Big Oil is aggressively trying to drill in or near the fragile and wildlife-rich regions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and its surrounding areas.

Shell has launched a no-holds-barred lobbying campaign to drill in the frigid ocean waters as little as 16 miles from the Refuge’s fragile and pristine shoreline.  They are so confident of success that, as you read this, an armada of drilling ships and heavy machinery is being readied to travel to the region.

Please help The Wilderness Society stop these misguided and reckless plans for some of the most fragile and unspoiled wild lands in America.

As if the Shell deal weren’t bad enough, the House Committee on Natural Resources meets next week with an eye to permitting oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge itself.

America has said no to drilling in the Arctic Refuge time and again. Oil exploration brings with it massive industrial infrastructure, including pipelines, rigs, roads, heavy machinery, and airstrips, and the near certainty of oil spills of one size or another. At stake is one of America’s most magnificent and unspoiled landscapes, a world teeming with caribou, grizzlies, wolves, wolverines, foxes and polar bears.  Offshore, the oceans are home to endangered bowhead and fin whales, beluga, seals and sea lions, and walruses.

Your urgent support for The Wilderness Society will help stop this looming threat to America’s largest wildlife refuge and the Arctic Ocean.

The Wilderness Society has used smart, effective strategies to keep the Arctic Refuge free of oil development — and they have been successful for more than a quarter century.  They work on the ground in Alaska, with the White House, and on Capitol Hill — a three-pronged effort to keep the Arctic Refuge intact.  Join The Wilderness Society — and their urgent campaign to protect our natural heritage. For ourselves, for our children and for our country’s Arctic residents.

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2 thoughts on “Big Oil and The Wilderness Society

  1. The proposed drilling site in Alaska that you target in your article is less than 1% of the wilderness area in northern Alaska. Most of the animals mentioned in the article do not live there. Consider that oil reserves under Texas, Montana and North Dakota are larger than any reserve of any mid-east country. These areas are not wildlife reserves, but drilling is still banned. Why?

    • because drilling causes pollution! the answer isn’t more oil! it’s alternative energy! If you want job creation and sustainable fuel along with avoiding future conflicts in the middle east then alternative energy is the way. NEW power plants, more engineering, more jobs, more factories and all that goes with it, bio fuels, ethanol, wind, and solar .. many more jobs created, all within the U.S. and we are no longer dependent on foreign fuel not to mention the elimination of carbon producing fumes and climate changing gases ..

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