Am I Part of the Problem? Or the Solution?

by Patricia Moreno

Fill in the blank with one or more words: “I should be_______ by now.”  When I asked my students to complete this exercise, many of them admitted they have a list of things they feel they “should” have or been by now – I should be thinner, happier, in love, working harder, eating healthier, and the lists go on and on. But if what you think you should be is not happening for you, you can either choose the perspective that you are simply not lucky, good or worthy enough, or you can ask a few powerful questions to learn where you could make a shift so these things do happen. Basically, ask yourself: am I a part of the problem, or the solution?

There is a great book that has inspired many of my intenSati affirmations called, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity,” written by Catherine Ponder. One of my favorite affirmations is “there is no person, place or thing that can keep from me what the universe has in store for me.” Whenever I get into a state of mind where I am blaming someone else for something not working out, or blaming the economy, the weather, my history, my education, or so forth, I remember this affirmation. It helps me get re-inspired and back in the game! So if you are also ready to get back in the game, ask yourself the following five questions to get real about the role you are playing in the creation of your own life and goals:


1. Am I really committed?


Have you said to yourself, “victory is inevitable and I am never giving up!”?


2. Am I willing to pay the price?


Most likely, there is a price you will have to pay to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight or get in better shape, you will have to make some changes and give up old habits. You have to make the commitment to create new habits. Are you willing?


3. Am I really doing all that I can do?


If we get really honest with ourselves, we can often see that although we say we want to make a change, we are rarely doing all we can do. Are we being stopped by fear, the thought of possible failure, or simple excuses? Or, we are choosing to take action in spite of the apprehension and obstacles? What are you doing?


4. Have I been spending more time imagining my success, or fearing my failure?


Your internal vision of success must be more real than the failure or doubt.  Your vision changes your demeanor and your behavior. If you can see it, others will see it, too.


5. Am I prepared to deal with obstacles, fear, and failure and still keep going?


Every great success story has a string of failures behind it. “Failure” just might be a necessary part of the process. Are you in it to win it no matter what?


IntenSati is the practice of becoming more conscious about how you are living your life and how the choices you make every day impact the quality of your life.  “Sati” means mindfulness and “inten” comes from the word intention. Instead of wishful thinking, we set intentions and keep our attention on the lifestyle choices we are making every day. In this practice, we are, to the best of our ability, choosing those thoughts, words and actions that support our highest good. Asking yourself these five powerful questions will help you regain your personal power and make the shift from being a whiner to a warrior.


To live a life you love in a body you love, check in with yourself so you can release your list of “shoulds.” Shoulds are a big waste of precious time. Instead, get real about what you really want. Re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm to achieve that which you truly want to achieve. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.”  So commit to making that decision, and let go of your list of “shoulds,” because truthfully, if it should have been then it would have been!


Every day is a brand new day; your life is passing and it will not wait. So, if not now, when?! Commit!


Affirmations for commitment


Yes I’m committed


I want it. I really really want it


Every day is a new day

My life is passing and it will not wait

I have willpower and I have faith

I expect success every day

I am never giving up

I am in it to win it

I am playing full out!

I am a warrior and I am ready

Fear so what!

Obstacles so what!

Failure so what!

If not now, when?


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