ECA/THRIVE! November 10-13, 2011 at the Harbor Beach Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Bring the family to this year’s ECA/THRIVE event!  The Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa is perfect for everyone.  This resort is on it’s own private beach with deluxe rooms, an award winning restaurant and beautiful full service spa.  The pool and grounds are lush and spacious with tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and a large selection of water sports right at your fingertips.

Conference programming is diverse and intense. Some of our offerings
include: Ken Baldwin’s Posture and Profits; programming from Chek
Institute; Nutrition and Metabolism; Special Populations; ACE’s Small
Group Athletic Training and Recovery; the Forgotten Training Variable;
TRX suspension training; Kettlebell training; new BOSU programming;
along with JumpSport; Med balls; Core training; Bootcamp; HITT
training; Equinox VIPR wars; ISCA jump rope and kickboxing sessions;
MMA Bootcamp; Kardio Kombat and PT 24/7™ with Billy Blanks to round
out the conditioning sessions with presenters Krista Popowych, Bill
Sonnemaker, Mindy Mylrea, Patrick Goudeau, Shannon Fable, Pete McCall,
Joelle Manard, Geoff Bagshaw, Paul Katami, Abbie Appel, Michelle
Mascari, Lisa Wheeler, Phillip Gray, Bishop Garland, Gail Bannister
Munn, Marti Peters, Mark Grevelding, Len Kravitz, Scott Josephson,
Lisa Gaylord, Keli Roberts, Jay Blahnik and Petra Kolber.

Dance, Spinning® Aquatic Fitness, and Step are well represented with
ZUMBA®, and ZUMBA® Gold, LaBlast, Motown Moves, Latin Zone, !Ay
Caramba!, Glee Goes Group, Hydro Zen, Aqua Dance, AEA programing, Aqua
20-20-20, Flirty Girl, Groove Method, Drums Alive®, and more featuring
Lawrence Biscontini, Jessica Esposito, Harold Sanco, Jennifer Galardi,
Misty Tripoli, Erick Santana, Jackie Henderson, Joy Prouty, Manny
Velazquez, Josh Taylor, Scott Schlesinger, Angie Scott, Carrie Ekins,
Louis Van Amstel, and more.

Mindful programming takes center stage with new programs from Core
Fusion, Peak Pilates, PHI Pilates, Pilatesstick®, Bodyblade®, and a
variety of Yoga programming with presenters Jill Miller, Michael
Fritske, Ton Voogt, Fred DeVito, Elisabeth Halfpapp, Robert Sherman,
Leslee Bender, Lashaun Dale, and Christine Romani-Ruby.

This year there are some GREAT special events!  Our WELCOME DANCE
PARTY! on Thursday will feature LaBlast! with Dancing with The Stars’
own Louis Van Amstel. Friday night we will feature ZUMBA® FITNESS
PARTY! with Armando Salcedo & Heidy Torres. Saturday night we will
feature DRUM’s ALIVE LATIN BEATS with Carrie Ekins.

This year’s PRE Convention programming include: BodyART™ Training,
Spinning® Instructor Orientation, Spinning® Force with Josh Taylor,
Kettlebell Concepts Total Body KB Blast™ Group Exercise Instructor
Training, Pilatesstick® Foundations Training, Yoga Tune Up Core
Integration Immersion, and ACE’s Functional Training and Assessment.

Our POST Convention programming begins on Sunday November 13th and
includes ACE’s Integrated Fitness Training™ Model, ZUMBA Basic Skills
Instructor Training, DRUMS ALIVE® Instructor Training, and Flirty Girl
Fitness Flirtification.

The event brochure and web information is currently posted. Please
check our website or call our office for more information and to
register NOW!