Trends in Fitness February 2012

Pole Dancing is heating up!

Pole dancing fitness studios are opening all over. Originally not a “sport” but a way to earn a living, it turned into an art form even making it’s way to Madonna’s Girlie tour quite a few years ago. Now, there is even a competition produced by the U.S. Pole Dance Federation, and a booming fitness trend. Recognized as the first and only pole dancing and striptease workout in the world, Sheila Kelley’s S Factor “introduced the industry of “sexy fitness” to the world stage.” There are now training programs through a variety of organizations including CRUNCH’s new program “X-Pert”, the professional pole fitness training program powered by X-Pole, the pole fitness equipment purveyor.  Their 2-day, 16-hour training is accredited by AFAA and ACE and endorsed by the Pole Fitness Association. Pole Moves Movement Arts Studio hosts the West Coast Pole Moves Teacher Training several times throughout the year. It is recognized by the American Council on Exercise, AFAA, and the Pole Fitness Association.

Rockin Wellness

Rockin’ Wellness is a whole body nutritional shake created from top super foods. The Developers are two music industry insiders.  Seth, a music tour manager fought off stage IV cancer twice, and Mike, a musician and self taught health guru who continues to battle an adult form of muscular dystrophy. They developed an energizing shake drink mixing raw organic cacao, goji berries, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds, yerba mate, maca root, organic flax seeds acidophilus and more.  It is certified lab tested with 2260 MG omega 3 -6 –and 9 per scoop.  It’s an easy to make shake drink mix that aids in overall well-being, weight maintenance, a healthy lifestyle and provides a beneficial probiotic blend focusing on pure plant based nutrition.

Surf’s Up

In January, a new class will appear at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers on the West Side of NYC, SurfSet Fitness.

Mike Hartwick created the workout and program as a way to stay in shape after retiring from professional Hockey in 2010. “I would quickly bulk up and lose the lean and toned physique that surfing gave me, no other workout could compare. Then it hit me. I’ll design a machine to mimic the workout that I got while surfing. It might not be as awesome as hitting waves, but it will keep me in peak physical condition and I will still see all of the benefits to my body. SurfSET Fitness was born.“ The workout is performed on the RipSurfer X, which looks like a Pilates reformer with a surfboard attached to the top of it.  The workouts attempt to duplicate all the actions and benefits of surfing with pop ups, plyometrics, core and rotational conditioning along with paddling and cardio. We all love a surfer’s body, so this one could be a big hit!

The Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship

BASI Pilates®, one of the leading providers of comprehensive Pilates education, is offering scholarships in the memory of Pilates veteran Kathy Grant, who passed away in May 2010. The scholarships are open to any deserving student wishing to make a career in the Pilates method.

Kathy Grant was one of the Pilates Elders, a small and elite group of instructors who studied with Joseph Pilates himself. She was also a close friend and collaborator of Rael Isacowitz, the founder of BASI Pilates®, who established the scholarship in order to perpetuate the passion and precision of Kathy Grant.

The scholarship covers all educational costs for BASI’s comprehensive and mat teacher training courses and for the Mentor advanced education program. Candidates should be able to demonstrate both financial need and a deep commitment to Pilates education.

Applications can be submitted online or at any BASI host studio, including PhysioLogic Pilates & Movement in Brooklyn and Manhattan and Long Island at Life Club in Lawrence, NY. For additional information, please contact BASI Pilates at 1-866-992-2742 or email

The deadline for submitting applications is February 22, 2012.

What is the Biscontini Scholarship?

It’s like my answer to the “Make-A-Wish” foundation for fitness. It’s a Scholarship that gives the most deserving applicant each year (land or aquatic group fitness instructor, personal trainer, both) a chance to attend an internationally-acclaimed fitness convention with all expenses paid, including transportation, hotel, meals, and convention educational expenses. It’s a chance for fitness professionals, who otherwise would not be able to attend, to immerse himself or herself in current trends, techniques, and talents of the fitness world, at NO individual cost.

My mission is “wellness without walls,” and the Biscontini Scholarship takes this mission to a deserving applicant in the hopes to touch the lives of the applicant and his or her clients and classes.

I’m making it possible for 3 individuals a year to attend major, international conventions for continuing education: IDEA World Fitness, ECA in NYC, and SCW in Chicago (or other closer city to winner).

Applicants always must apply online via 2 options (by applying right here on this page). 1. When I meet someone who I think should apply, I personally encourage that person to apply.

2. YOU can apply without me having even met you, if you would not be able to attend one of these events without a scholarship.

My peer team of FG2000 faculty (see the link on my site) reviews each application.

THE PROCESS DOES NOT WORK FOR ANY INCOMPLETE APPLICATION, AND WE RECEIVE A GREAT DEAL OF INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS THAT MISS A PHOTOGRAPH OR SPECIFIC ESSAY, FOR EXAMPLE. Applications that do not follow this application precisely are disqualified. 100 word maximum must be respected for essays. Only electronic submissions will be processed.

For more information :

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