The Presenters’ Perspective

We are in the process of programming all of our upcoming conferences for the fall including ECA/THRIVE and Boston Balance. We thought it would be interesting to get feedback from our presenters as to their experience presenting material at the shows. We are giving you “The Presenter Perspective“. It will be featured in our upcoming ECA News Summer issue and then It will be posted in its entirety on our Community Forum. Just click here:

We at ECA are always refining our programming. We look to deliver relevant education and inspiration so that you, the fitness professional can grow and excel at your career. We always receive great feedback from our attendees. Your event surveys, presenter evaluations, e-mails, and internet survey answers are all read, absorbed and then we take that feedback and funnel it into our next event’s programming. In an attempt to further that effort we asked our presenters for feedback as well. So, we posed these two questions to them: What do you expect your session attendees to take away from your presentation? What do you say to the criticism mentioned by some attendee evaluations? Their answers were insightful, thoughtful, helpful, and the presenter’s own. I think you will be impressed, surprised and shocked at some of their responses and the range of comments. ECA is a community, and we enjoy exchanging ideas and hearing from all sides. It makes for an open discussion and helps us grow as individuals and as a profession. There is always room for dissent and acceptance and we welcome all! We look forward to hearing from you as well. You will notice our “Let’s Keep the Conversation Going” campaign in the coming months as a way to open the door for communication, exchange of ideas and sharing…We welcome your participation!

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